This section will provide extra info and reminders for our coaches and parents about our league practices and game play.



  • Rain makeups - Should be negotiated with the coaches, board and Referee Assigning Services, LLC.  Game  should be made up within that week if possible.


  • 13u league and Balks - Balk warnings will be issued the first half of our season to a pitcher.  Two warnings will be given for the same Balk by a pitcher.  A third violation will result in an actual balk.


  • Bats - 13u bat may be a drop -8.  14/15u bat may be not more than drop -5.  Senior League bat must be of BBCOR standard.  Our league may change to all BBCOR / All Aluminum bat in the future.  All Travel players should make sure to secure a BBCOR bat or it may not be able to be used in tournaments.

Home Team responsibility at field

See the link for what responsibilities the Home Team has at each field.  The visiting team may help.


 Home Team Responsibilities



By-laws / rules

Concession Stand information

Home teams are responsible for running the concession stand.  Failure to do so will result in a loss for the Home team.  Please remember these concession stands are helping repair and upgrade our fields and equipment.

 League Baseball Concession Stand / Home Team Instructions

Perkins Park and Green Isle Concession Stand Instructions 2014

Edison Concession Stand Instructions 2014 




Practice videos and notes

There are a lot of good videos out on the internet for coaches and parents to view.  Don't be afraid to bring in new drills. 

 With only one hand on the bat, your swing has to be very short and ultra-fast to hit the ball. In this Ripken Way hitting drill video, Bill Ripken shows how a batter can use the one arm drill to boost the speed and power of his swing.

Ripken Baseball - Pitching
John Habyan, Cal & Bill Ripken discuss holding base runners on from the "Baseball The Ripken Way: Pitching" DVD.

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